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Following your procedure you will be escorted to the Recovery Room by your Anaesthetist & Nurse. Here you will be carefully monitored to ensure you are satisfactorily waking, your observations are stable and you are not suffering from any extreme discomfort. As soon as your Recovery Nurse is satisfied with your progress you will be transferred from first stage recovery to a recliner chair in the second stage Recovery area. Here you will be offered a light refreshment and some food to ensure you are not suffering from any nausea / vomiting.

Discharge from the Day Surgery

The Recovery Nurse will phone your escort who will advise on your progress and when to attend the Day Surgery to take you home. There may be discharge medications for you to collect or in some instances, you may be given a discharge prescription. If applicable, these prescribed medications will usually be for pain relief and antibiotics. On the escort’s arrival, the Recovery Nurse will go through the Discharge Instructions with you both. You will be advised that for 24 hours after a General Anaesthetic or IV Sedation you should not drive or operate machinery, sign important documents or make important decisions. We also ask that you fill out a Patient Satisfaction Survey. This information is important to us and can be constructive criticism or suggestions. Acknowledged praise is of course welcome also. All feedback is sought and valued as it helps to improve our level of service.

The Day following your Procedure

You may receive a phone call from us to ensure you are progressing as planned. Friday patients will be called on Monday. If we are unable to contact you we will leave a message to call back if you have any problems.

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