About Us


Pittwater Day Surgery has been purpose built as a Day Surgery with construction completed in April 2018. The Day Surgery is compliant with Building Code 9A which is classified as a Health Facility.

The NSW Health Department has granted PDS the following Licences:

  • Surgical
  • Anaesthesia
  • Paediatric
  • Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  • Cosmetic

PDS is equipped with the latest technology in monitoring for Anaesthesia and Recovery.

We are the only hospital on the Northern Beaches that has the capability of performing Vitrectomies for Retinal detachments which can save sight. The equipment needed for this surgery is the latest technology which includes an inbuilt laser and we can also boast the latest Zeiss Opthalmic microscope.

Our Ear Nose & Throat surgeons have the latest ENT Zeiss Microscope for use when performing advanced Otological surgery e.g. Exostosis & Myringoplasty. They also have access to the newest technology of Plasmed Coblators which ensure Tonsillectomies, Adenoidectomies & Turbinoplasties are performed resulting in minimal post-operative complications and pain.

Our fully equipped Endoscopy theatre uses the latest version of Olympus Endoscopes which not only gives the Endoscopist a perfect view, but patients are given beautiful, clear photos and a full Operation report to take home with them. This report is also sent onto the patient’s GP for follow up in their rooms.

Our Central Sterilizing Department is fully compliant with the Australian Standard AS4187:2014 and ensures that each piece of equipment used during your procedure has undergone all the steps required to reach sterility.

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