Covid Information

Staying Safe Together - Covid Information

Please note:

It is now mandatory that all PDS patients have a test for COVID-19 72 hours prior to your procedure, this must be a negative result and they isolate from the date of testing to the admission date. Proof of negative test will be required on admission.

Your safety is our number one priority whilst continuing to provide high quality facilities for safe treatment & procedures

  • Strict infection control and prevention protocols are standard practice at Pittwater Day Surgery to protect our patients and staff

  • As healthcare specialists we are continually monitoring the COVID-19 risk and proactively implementing increased measures and protocols

How you can help us all stay safe


You will be called one business day prior to your surgery to go through a COVID-19 safety process and be advised of your admission and fasting times.

  • Plan your visit, understand our protocols and allow enough time for additional safety measures

  • Research - Please be up to date with the current ‘hot spots’ as indicated on the NSW Health Website and follow the instructions. DO NOT enter the facility if there is any indication that you could be a close or casual contact of COVID-19.

  • Be self aware - If you are suffering from any upper respiratory symptoms or a fever please do not enter the facility

  • Plan your logistics and transport - Only patients and staff will be allowed entry. For a paediatric patient only one parent will be allowed entry to accompany the child.

  • Use the QR code, ensure you are wearing a mask, use hand sanitiser and practice social distancing

  • We need to check your temperature - All staff and patients entering the facility will have their temperature taken on arrival

  • Wherever possible, arrange to keep in touch with your loved ones via digital devices such as your phone

  • When you are ready to be discharged from Pittwater Day Surgery your nominated contact will be asked to wait outside the facility and we will escort you out into the safety of their care