Covid Information


​TESTING - It is mandatory that all PDS patients have a test for COVID-19 prior to your procedure. The latest advice from NSW Health has stated that only those people who are symptomatic are eligible for a PCR test.

All other people are to perform a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) for pre-screening. Patients are to perform a RAT within 6 hours of your admission time and a staff member will witness the result. You can bring the test itself or take a photo of the result. If you cannot access a RAT you may purchase a test from Pittwater Day Surgery for $20.00

REQUIREMENTS OF YOUR SPECIALIST – Please contact your Specialist as they may have their own additional COVID-19 policies which you will need to be aware of.

GENERAL RESTRICTIONS - If you are suffering from any upper respiratory symptoms or a fever, please contact the Day Surgery as soon as possible to discuss your condition.

ENTRY TO OUR PREMISES – Only Patients and staff will be allowed entry to PDS. For paediatric and patients requiring carer assistance, only one parent/carer will be allowed entry to accompany the patient. NO SIBLINGS are allowed into the premises.

PARENTS and CARERS will also require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result.

MASKS - Mask wearing is mandatory for ALL staff and patients until further notice.

DO NOT enter the facility if there is any indication that you are or could be a close or casual contact of COVID-19.

TEMPERATURE CHECK - All patients entering the facility will have their Temperature taken on arrival.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING - This remains in place for all attending the Day Surgery.

ELECTIVE SURGERY - Elective surgery is being conducted as usual. Please follow the recommendations from your surgeon re Covid testing. You will be called one business day prior to your surgery to go through a COVID screening process and be advised of your admission and fasting times. If you have had Covid within 4 weeks of your Admission Date your surgery may be cancelled. Please notify the Day Surgery or your surgeon as soon as possible if this applies.

PICKING UP PATIENTS - When you are ready to be discharged from Pittwater Day Surgery your nominated contact will be asked to wait outside the facility and we will escort you out into their care. You can call the PDS Mobile number 0466 647 896.