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Open Disclosure

PDS complies with the National Standards for Open Disclosure.
The principles of the Open Disclosure System include:
• Acknowledgement that an adverse event has occurred.
• Implementation of prompt communication
• Recognising patient &/or support person
expectations regarding disclosure of the facts
• Demonstration of empathy and support
• Maintenance of con dentiality


Your completed admission form needs to be returned to PDS as soon as possible or at least 1 week prior to your scheduled date for surgery. This ensures our friendly booking staff can address any queries you may have regarding health fund coverage &/or any fees associated with your planned surgery.
You will be contacted by one of our specialised nursing staff one to two business days prior to your scheduled day of surgery to go through a preadmission checklist. Please make yourself available to discuss:
• Your admission time & fasting requirements. • Your current health status
• Your discharge transport & support arrangements (especially for those having a general anaesthetic or sedation)
Fasting is a safety measure for all patients undergoing a general anaesthetic or receiving sedation. The fasting instructions must be followed, otherwise your surgery will need to be rescheduled.


On the day of your Surgery please bring the following:
• Any relevant forms or X-rays.
• Any critical medications such as insulin & inhalation medications, such as Ventolin, Becotide etc.
• Any payment required on admission as
documents cannot be signed post operatively due to having had a General Anaesthetic or IV sedation. (If applicable)
You will be taken through the admission process by one of our nursing staff who will con rm the contact name & number of your support person so our recovery staff can notify them as soon as you are out of surgery.
It is very important that your support person is available to collect you in a timely manner. You will be advised of your length of stay on your arrival so please ensure you convey that time to your support person.
We can only provide a rough estimate on how long you will be with us. While we do our best to stay on schedule we also ensure that each &
every patient receives the individualized care & attention they need which means we sometimes experience some delays. In these instances we will endeavor to keep you & your support person informed of anticipated time changes.


Our recovery staff will prepare you for discharge.
It is important that your support person or signi cant other takes you home and stays with you overnight (if having a general anaesthetic or in speci c circumstances). Legally you cannot drive for 24hrs after undergoing a general anaesthetic or receiving sedation.
You may be provided with post-operative care instructions plus a prescription for medications as determined by your surgeon.
A member of staff will make a courtesy call the following day to check that you are recovering well.

Additional requirements:

• Please leave jewellery, valuables and cash at home as we cannot accept responsibility for them. Your clothes & sundries will remain with you during your entire journey.
• Please remove make-up & nail polish as this impedes our clinical observations while you are in our care.
• Cease smoking for at least 24 hours before surgery. (1 week preferably)
• Do not wear contact lenses.
• Ensure you have made arrangements for the appropriate time off work while you recover.

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