Complete continuity of care

from initially consulting with one of our Specialists, to having your operation or procedure in the Day Surgery

Who we are

Pittwater Day Surgery is a privately owned day surgery facility. The concept for the facility was developed by Dr Frank Elsworth, who is an ENT surgeon, in collaboration with the NSW Department of Health.

Pittwater Day Surgery consists of 3 Operating Theatres, an eight bed first stage Recovery area and a six chair Recovery/Discharge area for second stage

Our Facility and Rooms

Pittwater Day Surgery has been designed to all the requirements of local and state health care and legislation, Australian standards and building codes. We are continuously replacing and upgrading our medical equipment to keep abreast of the latest techniques.

Your patient journey

We look forward to welcoming you to our world-class facility

  • GP Referral
  • Consultation
  • Arrive 30min before surgery
  • Admitted and changed
  • Procedure
  • Recovery and Discharge
  • Post procedure care
  • Support
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