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Dental surgery is any surgery involving the teeth, jaw and surrounding oral tissues, including the removal of impacted teeth, lesions and abscesses.

One of the most common dental procedures is the removal of wisdom, or impacted teeth.  Sometimes teeth emerge from the gum line but are not in proper alignment due to lack of room or other causes.  The teeth then become entrapped or “impacted” between the jawbone and gum tissue, resulting in swelling, pain and infection.  Besides discomfit, this can sometimes cause permanent damage, leading to the necessity to have the wisdom teeth removed surgically.

A/Prof Angus Cameron  

B.D.S. (Hons.), M.D.Sc., F.D.S.R.C.S., F.I.C.D., F.A.D.I.  

— Paediatric Dental Surgeon 

Dr Carolina Jackson

B.D.S. (Brazil), ADC

— Dental Surgeon 

Dr Michael Chen

— Dental Surgeon

Dr Michael Tame
B.D.S.M.F.D.S.R.C.S., G.Dip.Surg. Dent., F.F.D., (O.S.O.M.), R.C.S.I.
— Oral Surgeon

Dr Robert Weld-Moore

BDentSci, D.Ch.Dent, BA, MFDS RCS

-Specialist Oral Surgeon

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