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There are 3 fees for your surgery:

1. For the use of the Day Surgery;
2. For the Anaesthetist and;
3. For the Surgeon.

There may also be a Pathology / Radiology fee if a specimen is sent for testing. We advise all patients of the cost of having their operation which covers the use of the Operating Theatre and the Accommodation in Recovery. This is called Informed Financial Consent – when you agree to the cost of having your operation performed here.  We accept cash, cheque or credit card payments.

1. For insured patients Pittwater Day Surgery has contracts with all the major health funds to ensure hospital charges are paid by that relevant fund. We complete all health fund claim forms on behalf of our patients and forward them to the relevant health fund.

For insured patients you may need to pay an excess depending on the level of health cover you have taken out. We will tell you what excess you do need to pay if applicable. We ask that you pay the excess on the day of admission.

For uninsured patients we will give you a quote for the use of the day Surgery and Accommodation prior to your admission. We ask that you pay this fee on the day of admission.

2. You may also receive an Anaesthetist fee if you have had a General Anaesthetic or IV Sedation.

3. You are asked to confirm knowledge of the surgeon’s charges also. Medicare will provide benefits towards these fees.

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